The Miss Cahaba Lily Pageant in West Blocton is stepping up its game for 2024, and everyone’s invited to join in on the fun! 

In the past, the Miss Cahaba Lily Pageant was exclusive to 11th-grade girls from West Blocton High School. But this year, not only 11th-graders, but also 12th-grade girls from any community can compete for the coveted Miss Cahaba Lily Division Crown.  

This pageant isn’t just for high schoolers, though. It continues its tradition of inclusivity by hosting various categories for girls from ages zero to 16. There will be opportunities for contestants to compete for Baby Miss, Tiny Miss, Petite Miss, Little Miss, Young Miss, and Junior Miss – a title for every age group. So, whether your little one is just starting to toddle or confidently strutting her stuff, there’s a spot for her in the limelight. 

Mark your calendars because the big day is April 27th, 2024 at West Blocton High School. The reigning queen, Aldyn Deerman, will crown not one, not two, but seven queens along with two photogenic winners ahead of the Cahaba Lily Festival on May 18, 2024 in West Blocton.  

Ready to make your mark on the pageant world? Registration is now open until April 19, 2024. Just head over to the Cahaba Lily Festival website at to sign up and get all the details you need.