In a proactive move to enhance safety measures within the community, a new speed bump has been installed in the Town Square located in uptown Centreville. This addition comes in response to concerns raised by both parents and business owners regarding traffic flow and pedestrian safety. 

Mayor Mike Oakley expressed the town’s commitment to addressing these concerns, sharing, “Parents and business owners have asked for a long time to slow traffic through town.” He highlighted the particular importance of safety for establishments like The Studio, where young children frequent during various times of the day and night. 

Emphasizing the inclusivity of the speed bump, Mayor Oakley noted its accessibility features, stating, “It’s fully handicapped accessible. Its width and slope make it handicap and wheelchair friendly.” The installation of accompanying speed bump signs was completed last week, with plans in motion for prompt painting to enhance visibility. 

Acknowledging the ongoing efforts to improve town infrastructure and safety, Mayor Oakley urged residents to bear with the inconveniences that may arise during the implementation process. He reassured the community that the town’s overarching goal is to create a safer, more user-friendly, and efficient environment for all. 

Reflecting on past attempts to address traffic concerns, Mayor Oakley referenced previous measures such as a stop light, which he deemed a “failed experiment,” and acknowledged that stop signs often fall short in ensuring compliance. The installation of the speed bump serves as a proactive alternative aimed at effectively limiting speed-related risks without resorting to less effective measures. 

The introduction of the speed bump underscores Centreville’s commitment to fostering a secure and welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike. As the town continues to prioritize safety initiatives, community members are encouraged to remain vigilant and cooperative in ensuring the success of these efforts.