February 5, 2024

UPDATED: February 9, 2024 Brent, Alabama

Reported by Mike Hobson

A collision between two vehicles at the intersection of Alabama Highway 5 and the entrance to the Brent Walmart ended with the driver of one vehicle sustaining a gunshot wound. The wound may have been self-inflicted according to witnesses on the scene of the approximately 3 p.m. incident.

Vehicle involved in accident showing bullet holes in rear fender
Automobile Collision at Walmart Intersection

Police officers from Brent Police Department, Centreville Police Department, the Bibb County Sheriff Office and First Responders from the Brent Volunteer FD were on the scene working out what happened. Officers could not provide the identities of any persons involved so we do not know who the drivers of these vehicles were or what precipitated the incident.

The gunshot victim was transported away from the scene by ambulance. His condition is presently unknown. No other injuries were reported.

We will update this story when more details emerge.

UPDATE 2/9/2024

Police Chief Carl McMillan of the Town of Brent reported that they were called to the scene of a traffic accident. The light colored vehicle shown in the above photos was travelling South on Highway 5, ran the red light at the Wal-Mart entrance intersection, and struck the dark colored vehicle in the side.

While sitting in his vehicle after the accident the driver pulled out a weapon, and self-inflicted a gunshot wound to his head. The driver was not a local resident, and appeared to have been travelling through Brent, headed South. Investigating officers at the scene noticed bullet holes in the exterior of the vehicle in several places but do not know the origin of the bullet holes.

The injured driver was transported away from the scene by ambulance and taken to UAB hospital where he remained unconcious and in critical condition as of this afternoon, February 9. Chief McMillan declined to release the drivers name as an investigation is ongoing. No one was injured in the dark colored vehicle.