On Friday, June 3, Bibb County Sheriff Deputy Chris Poole was recognized by Sheriff Jody Wade and Senator April Weaver for his graduation from NCFI,  the National Computer Forensics Institute. This training was conducted in Hoover and is a partnership with the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Secret Service, the State of Alabama, the District Attorney’s Association and Shelby County government. The training was conducted in the Hoover Training Center.

The Bibb County SO was able to take advantage of an opening in a class and send Poole to attend a 4 week training program on short notice and graduate from the program. Poole now becomes a certified forensic investigator and will be able to use his skills to penetrate cyber crimes and crimes against children, including sexual exploitation and sex trafficing,  with unique and special investigative skills. With his training he is prepared to testify in court and judges may accept his testimony as an expert witness given his new credentials.

As a benefit of the graduation he was able to bring back about $35,000 worth of computer equipment to help him set up his office in Bibb County, all at no cost to the county. In addition, the local District Attorney has been trained and the District Judge will be able to attend this training in the fall.

Congratulations to Officer Poole and to the Bibb County SO. And a special thanks to Senator Weaver for bringing this opportunity to Bibb County.