Bibb Storm Circled Around The Town Square


As a huge rain wrapped tornado made its way north and east from Hale and Perry Counties on a path across Bibb County, storm watcher David Daniel of The Bibb Voice, parked his vehicle on the downslope of Centreville hill to film and observe the storm.

Not a man to panic quickly David stayed put; the storm appeared to be head straight for his parking spot up until the last minute when it veered slightly south and took the worst part of the storm away from the center of the town. Allemande right and don’t go to town, swing your partner round and round, came from a square dance caller somewhere just in the nick of time.

As rain began to fall, wind picked up and the sky darkened David finally moved with the storm and headed up to the Centreville Historic Business District, circled the town court square and headed back towards the parking spot he just left when he was blocked by a fallen oak tree, just a few feet from where he had been parked moments before.

The town historic district was peppered and blown but the worst of the storm passed overhead. Just less than 1/2 mile east of town the storm took to the ground and caused major damage to residential and commercial properties. No lives were reported lost but the loss of property and the damage to homes and personal lives is consequential and life changing for many.

We do not know what Karen said to David when he got home but it probably was not a square dance invitation.