August 4, 2020 – MONTGOMERY –The District Attorney for Bibb, Dallas, Hale, Perry and Wilcox Counties, Michael Jackson, formally requested the office of the Secretary of State monitor the election processes for the municipal elections in Selma, Marion and Centreville scheduled for August 25, 2020.


District Attorney Jackson expressed to Secretary Merrill that he has been contacted by candidates and officials in Selma, Marion and Centreville expressing concerns about corruption and other fraudulent activities.  Due to District Attorney Jackson’s request, Secretary Merrill has determined that it is in the best interest of the citizens of these municipalities to dispatch election observers from the Secretary of State’s office for the August 25 elections.

Some of the measures that will be observed are, but not limited to, the on-site review of voting actions, the review of the absentee ballot application process, as well as observing the absentee ballot counting measures.


The decision to observe the elections in Selma, Marion and Centreville should not be interpreted that Secretary Merrill lacks confidence in the local leadership; he simply wants to ensure that every eligible voter is able to cast their ballot for the candidate of their choice in a safe, secure, and fair environment with integrity and credibility.

Any citizen that has a concern about the election or any suspicious activities that may take place should file a full report to the Secretary of State’s office at They can also contact our office at (334) 242-7200. If the voter would like to contact Secretary Merrill directly may call him on his cell at (334) 328-2787.