The Brent Volunteer Fire Department recently made an equipment upgrade with the purchase of a new 2020 Ram First Attack Truck which can navigate small streets, tight places and get off road to extinguish fires in fields and wooded areas. The new truck holds 400 gallons of water, has “pump and run” features and includes spray nozzles on the front of the truck to extinguish fires while moving. Due to the size of this truck it can also respond to fire calls quicker than larger engines can respond.

This new purchase will replace their older 1975 Mack Truck which they are now donating to the Brent Industrial Park to be on site for use by Scott Davis Chip Mill, Burkes Mechanical and Sims Bark Company to provide quicker response for fires that occur in the industrial complex.

Brent Firefighters With Donated Truck (L-R) Matt Murphy, Jay Murphy, Kenny Murphy, James Murphy, Tracy Sanders, Jerry Pow, Stewart Dellinger

The funds for this truck came from the annual sales tax/tag money that each volunteer fire department in Bibb County receives year year. Fire Chief Jerry Pow reports that the Brent Fire Department has been saving their money for many years to prepare for this purchase.

Local fire departments are dependent upon volunteers who will give their time to acquire training and provide emergency services to our community. Volunteers are needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and additional volunteers are always needed. Anyone interested in joining the Brent Volunteer Fire Department should stop by the Brent City Hall to pick up an application to be completed and returned to the city hall for review by the Brent Volunteer Fire Department.