Ashton Cottingham filed qualifying papers and entered the race for Mayor of the City of Centreville. He will square off with Mike Oakley for the seat in the August 25 Municipal Election.

Ashton Cottingham

Ashton gave this statement to The Bibb Voice: ” I am running for Mayor of the City of Centreville. As mayor, my goal will be to create an atmosphere in Centreville that your children and grandchildren will want to live and invest in. In order for our city to thrive, we have got to convince our young kids that this is the kind of place that they want to raise their children. Centreville might not be able to offer everything that a big city can, but now, more than ever, people are wanting to live in rural Alabama. I have a vision for what Centreville can be and I want to utilize the resources we have here to create opportunities for our future. By focusing on investing in our city now, we will start retaining young people, houses will be built, businesses will come and we will start to see the economic growth that our community is capable of. I love Centreville and I am going to work hard for you to make sure this is a great place for years to come. I hope you’ll consider voting for me on August 25.

In the Council races newcomer Linda Lawrence qualified for District 3.

Kenny Hicks is unopposed in District 1, Don Mack in District 2 and Dianne Epperson in District 4.

Mike Nichols and Calvin Elliot have qualified for District 5.

SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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