A rumor recently began circulating around town, fueled by a comment on a Facebook post, that some “businessmen” around town were planning to take down or otherwise move the Confederate statue on the Bibb County Courthouse lawn, saying they had been given “permission” to do so. At the center of this rumor was Josh Lambert of Centreville Tech LLC, a local business with an office on Courthouse Square.

Josh Lambert of Centreville Tech LLC

“Multiple people including some officials have asked me directly now about this, and it’s simply not true,” Lambert said today.

Though he did not organize the event, Lambert did participate in the peaceful protest march in Centreville last Saturday, June 13th, and brought out his family to show support. One of the items addressed by protesters was the Confederate statue, which is perhaps where this rumor began about Lambert and “businessmen” in our community.

The Lambert family sports their COVID masks on the day of the peaceful protest march at Bibb County’s Courthouse Square.

In direct response to the rumor, Lambert had this to say:

“I understand that the monument on the courthouse lawn is insensitive at best to the black members of our community, and I am in full support of moving it to somewhere more appropriate such as a Confederate cemetery or museum. I have said that I would put up $2,000 of my own money to assist the authorities with moving it. I did not say that I would be moving it myself, nor did I tell anyone I had gotten permission to do so from anyone – no council, commission, or anyone else.”


SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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