Woodstock, Ala, Jan. 27, 2020
Woodstock Mayor Jeff Dodson today announced his grateful appreciation the many years of faithful service provided to the Town of Woodstock by several long-term employees, including Woodstock Police Chief Len Price, who recently celebrated his 20th year of service.
Engraved plaques were awarded to each at the December 23rd appreciation event.
“We’re thankful to Chief Price for his leadership in our community and his faithful mentoring of his fellow officers,” noted Dodson. “He heads up a strong and growing police department whose watchwords and way of life are truly, ‘serve and protect’. I know I speak for this community in saying Chief Price is deeply appreciated.”
Woodstock also celebrated a combined 77 years of service from other long-term staff members. “These folks represent almost a century of hard work and commitment to the town and citizens of Woodstock. Each one of them are an important part of the success and growth our town has seen in recent years,” said Dodson.
Assistant Police Chief Jason Beams, 18 years
Officer Jerry Lightsey, 13 years
Court Clerk Dorinda Smith, 14 years
Building Inspector Larry West, 12 years
Woodstock Officer Braden Chesser

Woodstock Police Chief Len Price also announced the appointment of the department’s newest officer, Braden Chesser. “Chesser is a lifelong member of this community and a graduate of the Alabama Law enforcement Academy in Tuscaloosa. We’re fortunate to have him on this team and look forward to serving with him” said Price.

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