Probate Upgrades

The Commission unanimously approved a resolution to authorize a public vote on the 2020 election ballot for what would be a State Constitutional Amendment to allow the Bibb County Probate Judge “equitable jurisdiction” to finalize rulings locally. As it was explained, this means that as long as the Probate Judge is an attorney (which is not always the case being an elected office, but is currently as Judge Kemmer is a licensed attorney), they would have the power to make final rulings on cases such as estate settlements, for example. Currently, such cases must be passed off to other counties’ Probate offices for judges who have this power to put a final stamp on.

The approved resolution does not automatically grant this power, but authorizes the item to be passed before the state legislature by our representatives, and voted on by the public in November.

Bibb’s probate office will get another upgrade soon: the ability for individuals and businesses to handle filing certain items online instead of having to go into the probate office. These would include formalities such as filing paperwork to set up an LLC (Limited Liability Company), which must pass through the Secretary of State’s office, but must be filed with individual county probate offices and fees paid to each. The ability to file online will not affect any monies due to the county from said fees. Even filing online, if your LLC gets setup with a Bibb County address, Bibb County gets the fee.

The Commission also approved extension of the contract agreement for the software that is used to run the probate office. This is a year to year contract that already exists. Commissioners approved the $1,350 expense to continue use of the Syscon software.

Changing of the Guard

Every quarter the seat of Chairman of the County Commission rotates. The rotation last night would have seen the seat passed from Rodney Stabler to James Kelly, with Charles Caddell as Co-Chairman. However, Commissioner Kelly requested that the seat remain with Stabler instead of passing to him at this time. Commissioner Caddell will be Co-Chairman.

With the loss of some members of the E&IDA (Economic and Industrial Development Authority) Board, the Commission approved appointments to fill vacant spots. Woodstock Mayor Jeff Dodson will take the vacant seat for the north end of the county, and Bibb Medical CEO Joseph Marchant will fill the seat vacated recently by Donna Brothers.

The Bibb County Healthcare Authority gained a new appointment as well in Brent Belcher, who was previously on the Healthcare Authority Board.

Updates and Business as Usual

EMS and Ambulance funds for December activity were distributed to AmServ in the amount of $9,334.95. The activity list included 266 calls in all, with 51 transports, 38 dialysis, 11 rolled, and 14 “no truck.”

The Commission approved the disposal of certain Sheriff Department vehicles as surplus. These will be sold through government auction.

The Coldwater Road project continues progress as the barricades have all been removed as of this past Friday. Another invoice on the BKI contract for the project was approved to be paid in the amount of $6,787.56.

The Courthouse Annex (Probate and License Office) new construction project will soon be getting under way, with the rear parking lot to be closed off during construction. This will require everyone to park on the streets adjacent the current building. Luckily, the project is expected to be completed by or around late June of this year.

County EMA Director Kirk Smith reminded everyone that on February 6, Active Shooter Training will take place at the Bibb County Board of Education building. “This is run, hide, fight type training. How to get away. We won’t be fighting at the board of education,” Smith said. The training is free and open to all local government, businesses, schools, and churches who would like to attend. Please contact the EMA Director’s office for more details prior to February 6.

Smith also stated that a second Hazard Mitigation Plan meeting will be held February 27. All are welcome to attend and encouraged to provide input.