Street and Water Superintendent Larry Oikle is working to create a list of city streets that need repairs. The Council will attempt to prioritize the list based on need, severity, and price estimates. The price will make a large difference in the prioritization because of available funds.

Mayor Morton congratulated the Bibb County football team, cheerleaders, and band on their achievement making state quarterfinals. He then opened the meeting to general discussion.


Councilman Don Mack brought up that several residents in his district were not able to get a refund from Waste Pro for the time frame that services were not rendered. Months ago Waste Pro agreed to issue refunds to residents in some areas for problems associated with consistent pickup. Mack said that while several residents had received their refunds, some were told by Waste Pro that they were not on their list of customers, and therefore could not be issued a refund. These residents, according to Mack, have been paying the City, and they have otherwise been receiving garbage service. So, why are they not listed as Waste Pro customers?

A complete list of Waste Pro customers in Centreville has now been sent to City Clerk Megan Batte, and she will reconcile it against the City’s own list of residents paying for garbage service. Why or how these residents were not on the list is at this point speculation, but the Council seems determined to find an answer and solution.


The Council also discussed the issue of missing street lights in some areas, as Alabama Power has taken some old lights down and not yet replaced with the new LEDs. According to Councilmen Calvin Elliot and Matthew Thomas, Alabama Power said they may move around the city as they progress with the project based on the numbered list they have of installation based on inventory and original installation dates. In other words, they may not finish all lights on a street or in a neighborhood before moving to another, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be back to finish later.

The Mayor encouraged residents to call Alabama Power instead of City Hall if they have concerns over missing streetlights, as city offices have no control over this particular process.


SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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