(L-R) Ruby Britt, Kara Guy, Destiny Massey, Julie Payne.

As parents and other theater-goers sat at the Board of Education’s auditorium in anticipation of the latest presentation by the Bibb County High School Theater Department, Carrie Hetzel delivered some good news: a long grant application process has paid off, and the school’s Theater Department has been awarded a grant that will cover expenses of production as well as new equipment – enough funding to keep the program going for three more years. She went on to thank the department’s faculty sponsor and director of their plays, Haeden Wright, for her dedication to growing and improving the theater department, which was non-existent just a few years ago.

(L-R foreground) Chris Rich, Jacob Kornegay, Patricia Griggs, Haley Lutz.

The student production of “A Super Groovy Night’s Dream” showed off some talented students. Based on Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” but set in an American high school in 1969, the modified classic toyed with the idea of what can happen when cliques clash, and how they can come together for the good of all. Characters included an inept Principal and his new bride, cliques of jocks, hippies, science nerds, and the drama club, in addition to the famous trickster Puck.

(L-R) Tyler Shirley, Brody Gonzalez, Justin Hendrix, Alex Lemak, Alyssa Garner, Charity Johnson
(L-R) Dylan Williams, Ruby Britt, Kara Guy, Destiny Massey.
(L-R) Charity Johnson, Haley Lutz, Patricia Griggs, Chris Rich, Presley Griffin.

SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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