“Is this real? They keep throwing me the ball!” Brody Seales exclaimed on the field. With four of the six interceptions Bibb pulled down against the American Christian Academy (ACA) Patriots, Brody (#3) stayed busy all night.

And what a night it was for the Choctaws. ACA came into the game averaging over 50 points per match-up. Bibb’s defense held them to zero. None. Not a single point posted. That’s not to say this was an easy game. ACA put up a hard fight, holding Bibb to only two touchdowns. There was much speculation and accusation that ACA players were throwing punches in the pile, and getting away with many penalties. Penalties became their own delay of game eventually. There were so many throughout the night that it began to seem they were playing yellow-flag football.

The two teams swapped hits all night, with little movement on the scoreboard, making it anyone’s game for most of the night. Then, after an interception in the endzone as the Patriots went for 6, Bibb’s boys found their way back to the endzone to add the final nail for ACA with a late 4th quarter touchdown, making it impossible for the Patriots to mount a comeback.

In the end, pulling out the 14-0 win came from playing with 100% heart, and with a bittersweet moment of silence after the game was done. The teams and fans on both sides of the stadium paused to pray quietly for the Choctaw’s inspiration of the night: baseball player and former football player Hunter Bice.

The “4 Bice” stickers and signs abounded Friday night. It was clear from well before the game that everyone there had Hunter Bice on their mind, as well as in their hearts and prayers. A BCHS student, Bice was involved in a car crash Friday morning and was airlifted to UAB hospital in Birmingham with multiple serious injuries.

Congratulations Choctaws on an undefeated regular season! 10-0!

Next week: Parker High School and Round 1 of 5A Playoffs!

BCHS Varisty Roster
BCHS 2019 Varisty Roster

SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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