You may have read about the Deasons in our previous article, Changing Lives, One Child at a Time after we visited their home full of 14 children to find out about foster children and fundraisers coming up with the new non-profit, Be the Village. The Halloween For Christmas Party that took place last night was one of those fund raisers mentioned. Bibb County High School donated use of their gymnasium to hold the event.

Be the Village President Joseph Deason holds the money jar prior to counting it on Saturday night.
Be the Village President Joseph Deason holds the money jar prior to counting it on Saturday night.

“We had a good turnout,” Be the Village President Joseph Deason said of the evening, “People seemed to want to go on home and watch the game so they started leaving a little early, but we had well over 100 show up. And lots of them I didn’t even know, so the word is getting out. That’s good!”

Not only were they selling entry tickets, there were concessions, games, and other ways to spend your money to help the kids. Like, you could’ve bought a BCHS Football program signed by the whole team, band, and cheerleaders. That was auctioned off and went for $35. Or you could have gotten a BCHS Football, signed by the whole team. It wound up going for $100 in the silent auction.

A party-goer getting her face painted. Booths such as these helped raise additional money in the event.

All total they raised $441.47 after expenses were deducted. “I think that was good considering we’re only three months old!” Deason said, referring to the newness of the non-profit.

Be the Village Treasurer Randy Burke thought the night went well: “It was a good turnout and lots of fun. I think the kids really enjoyed it. And that’s what you want.”

Posing at the photo wall.


SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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