Centreville, Alabama Olon Heights Shopping Center

Dollar General received a surprise visitor this morning when a Honda vehicle driven by a young looking silver haired Senior Citizen crashed through the brick wall in front of the store. Bricks and glass fell into the store. Feelings were hurt, the driver was embarrassed, but no one was injured. The store is temporarily closed due to a loss of power.

The driver’s name is with held until she tells her husband.


  1. So the question to the reporter is: did the person driving seem to be of good mind and body? In You opinion should they still be driving? Or should they be reevaluated by the state to ensure they can safely navigate the roads in their motor vehicle? Because we all there is a lot of people in Bibb Co that should not be behind the wheel.

  2. About the July event on the green. I am in a wheelchair I sure did won’t to come, but you had to park so far away I could not get to come. You need to add a place where handicap people can get close to events

    • We will pass your comment along to the event organizers for the Celebration on the Green. Thanks.

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