June 15, 2019 – (Unconfirmed preliminary report as we attempt to contact law enforcement for comment. – updated information in boldface) Just before sunset a Bibb County Sheriff Deputy in West Blocton pulled a vehicle over for a traffic stop. Upon the officer seeing drug paraphernalia in the vehicle, the suspect sped away, during which the deputy was dragged and had his arm run over. After catching up and stopping the suspect again, they again struck the deputy with their vehicle and fled. The officer fired at and hit the vehicle multiple times. The suspect headed south on Highway 5 toward Centreville, subsequently turning onto Highway 219.

Speeds exceeded 95 mph. The suspect attempted to cross Hwy 82, apparently unaware of the inability to do so at that intersection. He or she swerved left toward head-on traffic and hit the dividing guard rail before ricocheting into the ditch.

Multiple law enforcement officers arrived on scene, including State Troopers, Bibb County, and Brent City. Ambulance, and Fire and Rescue also responded.

The suspect was shot twice and was treated for non life threatening injuries at DCH. The officer who had contact with the suspect’s vehicle was treated at Bibb Medical Center and is expected to recover.

The Bibb Voice will update this report as more information becomes available and verified.

SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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