Alabama’s state gasoline tax has been 18 cents a gallon since 1992. Advocates for an increase say heavier vehicle traffic, inflation in the cost of road maintenance and construction and more fuel efficient cars have caused the revenue raised by the tax to fall short of what’s needed to support a 21st century highway system. Governor Kay Ivey has spoken publicly in support of an increase in the gasoline tax and a proposal has been brought to the Bibb County Commission to endorse an increase.

Tom Fredricks of Decatur said he wrote the a resolution to push back against what he saw as mounting publicity in favor of a tax.

It said raising the gas tax “without reductions in the existing taxation revenue would be a move to increase the size and scope of government, redistribute income, and would violate the principles of state and national Republican platforms.” The 400-plus member executive committee approved the resolution by a margin of 61 percent to 39 percent.

At the Winter Conference of the State GOP today the vote came after debate about whether to change the resolution or postpone consideration of it. The discussion about the gas tax was the most animated of a meeting during which there was mostly strong agreement as party leaders stressed the importance of re-electing President Trump and defeating U.S. Sen. Doug Jones in 2020.

The Republicans sent a strong No message to our representatives in Montgomery.