Jody Wade was sworn in to begin his first elected term as Sheriff of Bibb County today by Probate Judge Stephanie Kemmer. Sheriff Wade was appointed by Governor Bentley to fill the unfinished term of former Sheriff Keith Hannah in December of 2016. He defeated all of his opponents in the Republican Primary in June 2018 and was without opposition in the November 2018 general election. His four year term ends in January 2022.

Sheriff Wade told The Bibb Voice: “I am very appreciative to the voters of Bibb County for their confidence in me and for their overwhelming support. I promise to do my best for the citizens of this county and to represent the interests of those I am sworn to protect. I will continue to work to improve my department with better working conditions, better equipment and will use my efforts to obtain increases in pay and benefits for the deputies and employees of my department while I am in office.”

On Monday January 14 Craig Cargile will be sworn in as District Judge and Kayla Cooner will be sworn in as Circuit Clerk.






SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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