Bibb County Probate Judge Stephanie Kemmer was officially elected to her first term as Probate Judge as a result of Tuesday’s November 6 election. It seems like she has been there for a while because she made the transition from local lawyer to Probate Judge seem effortless but this is actually her first election.

She was first appointed to the Office (in September 2015) by the Governor to fill the remaining term of former Probate Judge Jerry Pow after he retired. She had no opposition in the 2018 election cycle but her election is not official until the final votes are counted and certified. With the certification of this vote she will be fulfilling her first elected six year term as Probate Judge of Bibb County.

In the short time she has served as Probate Judge she has been busy with elections, an important part of the Probate Judge’s job. She was responsible for managing the 2016 Primary & Presidential election, the Special Election for U.S. Senator, and the 2018 Primary & General Election. There were also Municipal Elections in Bibb County in 2016.

Bibb County Elections require a lot of workers and volunteers to get the job done. Poll workers staff Voting Precincts at 8 locations: Greenpond, West Blocton Alternative School, Eoline Fire Department, Brent City Hall, Centreville Rock Building, Six Mile Community Center, Lawley Community Center, and the National Guard Armory.

Bibb County Sheriff Jody Wade and his Deputies provide vote security, transporting sealed ballots and secure voting machine data from the precincts to the Court House where results are tabulated by county officials.

Judge Kemmer reported that there were 71 paid poll workers for this election. Poll workers must attend a 1/2 day seminar to be certified to work and must be on duty on the day of the vote from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. They are paid $100 for their service. If there are poll watchers at the precincts they are either volunteers or they are paid by their individual parties, not by the County.

Judge Kemmer also said “there were no problems reported at the polls for this election. I want to sincerely thank all of the poll workers and inspectors for their tireless efforts in making this another successful voting day in Bibb County.”