Click on the link below to see final Bibb County vote totals for the runoff vote. Out of a total 13,997 registered voters 2,382 voters made their way to the polls and cast a vote in this important runoff election. 17.02% of the total registered voters. This is a poor turnout compared to the June vote when 4,791 voted; 4,143 of those votes were Republican. The total turnout for the June vote was 34.3% of the registered voters.

To put it another way: 1,761 of the Republicans who voted in June stayed away and did not vote in the Runoff. There was no Democratic runoff so Dem voters were supposed to stay home under the new rules.

The March 2016 Primary Election turnout was better. The turnout for that election produced 5,245 voters at the polls; 3,977 Republicans and 1,268 Democrats or 42.7% of the registered voters.

To put that another way: about 454 more total votes were cast in the Primary vote in 2016 than 2018.