Birmingham TV Station CBS Channel 42 reporterinvestigated and provides an in depth look into what has become the worlds most popular podcast in history, “S-Town”.  In her featured report she conducts video interviews with several local Bibb County residents, including Cheryl Dodson.  At the Dodson family home she is presented with Track Side BBQ and Cheryl’s now famous banana pudding, which was made known to over 40 milion people in the “S-Town” podcast.

“S-Town” is a podcast which was released in 7 Chapters on Tuesday 28 March 2017.  It is affiliated with the radio shows “This American Life” and “Serial”.  “S-Town starts off by telling the audience that the show is investigating a murder being reported to them by someone who lives in Woodstock, Alabama in Bibb County.   From there, the story unfolds in surprising directions.  Some people think the notoriety is a good thing for the town others do not.

Speaking of her home town of Woodstock Cheryl says, “everybody knows everybody,” and that is part of the reasons she wants to set the record straight on “S-Town.” She says there are parts of the show, including the relationship between John B. and the Burt family, that have been different in reality.

“I thought that the relationship between John and Kendall looked like there was animosity that really didn’t exist,” said Cheryl.

Also interviewed in the story are Tyler Goodson, an Chery’s husband and Mayor of Woodstock, Jeff Dodson who stated, “Maybe it shows how we can be a little more compassionate to others.”