S-Town – Most Downloaded Podcast in the Nation – Based On a Small Town in Bibb County.



WOODSTOCK, Ala. (WIAT) — The most downloaded podcast in the country is based on a small town in Bibb County.

“S-Town” is a newer podcast that is affiliated with the radio shows “This American Life” and “Serial.” The show’s producers start off by telling the audience that the show is investigating a murder reported to them by someone who lives in Woodstock, a town of about 1,500 people in Bibb County.

From there, the story unfolds in surprising directions. On Tuesday, all seven episodes of the podcast became available for download. Some people think the notoriety is good for the town.

“I think it’s wonderful and hopefully more people will come here, and it’ll bring more revenue to the city,” said Barry Dabbs, who lives in Woodstock.

Others, though, say they are reserving judgment until they finish listening to the podcast.

“I hate that people have the impression from other TV shows that we are all redneck-ish, you know, that kind of thing, but we’re not. We love people and we want to welcome them and want to show them a good time,” said Christina Humphries.

The town attorney, Boozer Downs, and officials at town hall declined to comment on the podcast Tuesday. However, people are talking about it, they say, and waiting to see what all this newfound attention will bring to town.


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David Daniel, 67, is a resident of Bibb County and lives in Centreville. In 1982 David, with the help of wife Karen, designed and built the first Cable TV system in Bibb County which served all municipalities in the county. In 11/03/2008, David co-authored a book on behalf of the Centreville Historic Preservation Commission called "Bibb County", Images of America, ISBN: 9780738567297. More than 109 families and individuals contributed to this community effort. Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife and grandchildren and he enjoys working with local history enthusiasts.