Bibb Medical Center Retirement Community receives new 8-passenger Concierge Cart

Bibb Medical Center recently received a new 2017 Cushman Shuttle 8 Concierge Cart. The cart is an 8 passenger, electric vehicle that will be used to transport senior residents who live in Bibb Medical Center’s retirement community.

Bibb Medical Center’s Continuing Care Retirement Community is rapidly growing. The demand for efficient and safe transportation is growing just as quickly with 87 seniors living on campus.  The continuing care retirement community, which currently consists of independent senior living apartments, garden homes and a congregate housing facility is a community where seniors can age in place.  Plans for more independent living cottages as well as an assisted living facility are underway.  The retirement community is part of the Bibb County Healthcare Authority, a healthcare organization that provides an array of healthcare and personal needs services to its seniors. Some of the services provided on campus include (but aren’t limited to) acute care hospital services, skilled nursing facility services, primary care physicians, urgent care and emergency department services, specialty doctor appointments, outpatient therapy and onsite meal and pharmaceutical delivery.  Optometry and dental offices are also located on the campus.  With many of the senior retirees utilizing these services, the demand for campus transportation is high and continues to grow as the entire organization expands.

The cart is equipped with an extended roof for shade and a weather enclosure to keep residents dry on rainy days. “We want to ensure that we continue to deliver top quality services, including safe, reliable and convenient transportation from one healthcare provider to the next while on campus”, said Joseph Marchant, CEO of The Bibb County Health Care Authority. Marchant went on to say that the cart, being electric will be much more efficient than the gasoline powered vans that have been used in the past. Safety features includes rearview mirror, horn and assistive handles and the cart’s colors matches BMC’s color scheme of blue and white.

The cart was provided in partnership with Restore Therapy Services, the rehab company on site providing therapy services for the hospital, swing beds, outpatient therapy clinic and nursing home.