For many people the New Year is a fresh start, which means losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle. However, many individuals do not remain committed and never achieve the results they were hoping for. Bibb Medical Center is teaming up with the Scale Back Alabama initiative to do something about that in 2017. The official first weigh in was held on Wednesday, January 11 but it is not too late to join in the contest.

Scale Back Alabama, which began 11 years ago, is the state’s largest weight loss and exercise program. The 2017 contest will consist of teams with two adults 18 years or older with the goal of losing a combined weight over eight weeks. A new incentive for 2017 is a cash prize drawing that will include the names of everybody who was able to lose at least 10 pounds.ScaleBack

Jami Carlee at Bibb Medical Center said “We had around 25 teams to sign up from the community, BMC and Cahaba Medical. This is such a great program that works to encourage a healthier environment. Working with a partner allows you to hold each other accountable! Its a short 8 week program that helps you to look and feel better about yourself.”

Teams are encouraged to sign up now while the registration period is still open!


SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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