Bibb Medical Center Donates Christmas Toys for DHR Clients

Annual DHR Program Provides Assistance for 250 Families & Children

Christmas Bicycles for DHR Clients | Courtesy of The Bibb Voice

Each year the local Department of Human Resources looks for organizations to sponsor groups of Bibb County DHR clients, foster children,  or families who need assistance with providing Christmas gifts for underprivileged children. This year over 250 Bibb County children will receive Christmas assistance. Pictured below is a group from Bibb Medical Center delivering toys to the Bibb County Department of Human Resources. Bibb Medical Center sponsored 15 families. These toys were delivered immediately to the sponsored families on the Bibb County DHR list to receive assistance. Robin Burchfield from Bibb Medical stated that BMC increased their level of participation in this program from last year because of the growing need in the community and plans to continue to sponsor children next year. BMC is pleased to participate with DHR because the gifts stay in Bibb County and benefit local children.

DHR Foster Children Christmas Gift Program | Courtesy of The Bibb Voice
DHR Foster Children Christmas Gift Program | Courtesy of The Bibb Voice

Mallory Dowdle, co-ordinator for the Bibb County DHR program told us that other local organizations that sponsored gifts this year included Four Points Baptist Church, Centreville City Hall, Pineview Baptist Church, Cahaba Women’s Group, Sirote Law Firm, a number of individuals and several other groups (not all are listed here).

Anyone who wants to support this program or wants more information about the foster child Christmas program should contact Mallory Dowdle at DHR, (205) 926-2900.

SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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