City of Brent Honors Retiring Councilwoman

Brent Resolution Honoring Roberta Lawrence
Mayor Dennis Stripling & Brent City Council
Mayor Dennis Stripling & Brent City Council – L to R – Jerry Conway, Bobbie White, Roberta Lawrence, Dennis Stripling, Chad Jones, Tracy Sanders

Retiring Brent City Councilwoman Roberta Lawrence was honored at her last meeting this week by the Mayor and Council. She has served the City as a Council member for 16 years. She did not seek re-election for an additional term. Mayor Dennis Stripling said: “It has been a pleasure working with Mrs. Roberta for my past 12 years as mayor. She is truly an asset to our community and she will be greatly missed. I am thankful that she will continue to serve on the Utilities Board of the City of Brent.”  Mrs. Lawrence is employed at First United Security Bank where she continues to work full time.

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