City of Brent Awarded CDBG Grant for Sewer Improvements

Grant Funds Will Be Used To Replace Aging Sewer Lines

Governor Bentley Awards Grant to City of Brent
L to R – Jerry Conway, Bobbie White, Danny Russell (back), Rep. April Weaver, Gov. Bentley, Mayor Dennis Stripling, Tracy Sanders, Chad Jones

BRENT (Governor’s Office) – Governor Robert Bentley on Wednesday announced a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) was awarded to the city of Brent. The grant will fund the replacement of a main sewer line serving nearly 600 residents in the central part of the city.

“Infrastructure improvements like this are important to any future growth or economic development,” Governor Bentley said. “Industries are looking at areas like this to start building and without solid infrastructure and a good workforce they are less likely to locate to an area. We are proud to provide this grant to the city of Brent needs which will assist with much needed improvements.”

The city was awarded a CDBG grant totaling $450,000 for infrastructure improvements. The city of Brent has committed $90,000 in matching funds for the project.

CDBG funds are made available through the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA).

“ADECA’s community development block grants are important investments in the quality of life for Alabama communities,” ADECA Director Jim Byard, Jr. said. “This year, ADECA received 108 applications for projects that support economic and community development.   We were able to award 54 projects totaling $17.5 million in investments.  I am proud of the projects chosen this year, especially this project for Brent.”

The CDBG program provides communities with resources to meet development needs and goes to affect the lives of millions of people throughout the country.

Mayor Dennis Stripling said today “we are very excited about the funds we are receiving to do much needed upgrades to our sewer infrastructure. We are going to replace sewer lines and manholes that are 40 years old.”

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