Centreville Names New Police Chief

James "Pat" Northcutt will assume Police Chief duties on November 1

James P. Northcutt

Centreville Police Officer James P.¬†“Pat” Northcutt will step in to the role of Centreville Police Chief when Mike Nichols steps down on October 30, 2016. Northcutt was appointed to the job by Mayor Mike Hobson and confirmed by a unanimous vote of the City Council. He has served as Assistant Chief for the past three years and as Acting Chief on occasions when Chief Nichols was out on sick leave. Northcutt graduated from the police academy at the University of Montevallo in 1980, served as a law enforcement officer at Jemison, an Assistant Chief at Maplesville for 10 years, and hired on at¬†Centreville in 2005. Mayor Hobson said “I have had the pleasure of working with Officer Northcutt for four years and have found him to be an officer that I can count on, a diligent public servant, committed to his job, and a person that we can expect to maintain the public trust vested in a police officer and the police department. I believe that Officer Northcutt is the right person to fill the big shoes left by the retirement of Chief Nichols and the right person for this job at this time.” Northcutt will assume the role of Police Chief on November 1.

SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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