In the realm of pest control, where precision, innovation, and dedication converge, Tim Carter stands as a beacon of excellence. As the founder and visionary behind Carter Pest Solutions, he has redefined the landscape of pest management with his unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled customer service. Let us get to know our neighbor, Tim Carter. 

Tim has lived in Bibb County since 1987, having moved here at the age of seven. In 2003, he married Candice Deason Carter, and they have three wonderful children. Candice has been employed at WBES for the past two years. Their oldest child, Hayden Carter, is 18, recently graduated from West Blocton High School, and will be attending the University of South Alabama this fall. Tyler Carter, 16, is in the 11th grade at WBHS and a member of the Fighting Tigers Band. Bailey Carter, 8, is in the 3rd grade at WBES. 


Tim entered the field of pest control in 2004 out of a need for a job. He began as a field technician in the Tuscaloosa area and soon transitioned to the sales department. Over the years, he inspected homes and commercial properties across West Alabama, transforming his initial job into a fulfilling career. Tim is always on the lookout for the next infestation and how he can assist with pest control problems. To stay updated on the latest trends, techniques, and products in pest control, Tim actively participates in various online pest management groups. These groups provide daily updates and allow him to get answers from pest professionals worldwide within minutes. With products and methods constantly evolving, Tim relies on resources like Pest Management Professional (PMP) and Pest Control Technology (PCT) for the latest information. 


Dealing with pests can be quite challenging, and one of the toughest problems Tim has encountered is the German Roach. Known as the “house infestation roach,” their numbers can range from a few to hundreds of thousands within a home or business, given enough time. To control such an infestation, Tim might spend two to three hours on the initial service and may return weekly for the first month to ensure everything is working as planned. He emphasizes that pests need food, water, and shelter just like we do. 

The most crucial aspect of pest control is the inspection of the property. Every home or property has faced, is currently facing, or will face a pest problem. Common pests like spiders, wasps, and ants can be managed with the right plan, underscoring the importance of a thorough inspection. Whether you need someone weekly for a six-week plan, monthly, or bimonthly, it all starts with a comprehensive inspection. This includes checking the crawl space, attic, and both the exterior and interior of the property. 

There are different treatment methods for every pest Tim deals with and just spraying around a home will never take care of the wasp problem or the mice coming in your home. There are question you must ask those being what the problem is, why is it a problem and how do I solve the problem and the answer is “Remove the source, Remove the problem”.  

Tim shared “I was recently called out to a newer home that had fungus gnats in the home. They were flying around the kitchen area so I would assume we have a problem in the kitchen. I looked everywhere, no source. Went back a second time and started looking beyond the kitchen. Long story short, they were in the garage in an old bag of potting soil. I touched the bag, and hundreds came out. Fungus gnats flying all around the home, “Remove the source, Remove the problem.” He adds that pest control today is safe for you and your family if you treat it correctly. Every product has a label, and the label is the law so if followed it will tell you how to be safe, the mix rates, and protective steps to take. It can be a problem if you don’t read the label to learn what for and how. He also states that a lot falls on the home or business owner to help in the management of a property as to what things you are doing to cause the problem and how to remove the problem. It can be a simple as where you place your trash pickup can outside your home.  

Tim is a certified pest control contractor and holds a Pesticide Applicator Permit with the State of Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries as a Commercial Applicator in ground application, Household pest control, ornamental and turf pest control, public health pest control and wood destroying organisms. Tim says, “The pest industry is growing every day and I find people just want results and are willing to pay a fair price if they see those results.  Every person that calls me for pest control service calls for a reason. Did I solve their problem and communicate well with them. I have learned over the years that if I do these things the business will grow. Since starting Carter Pest Solutions, referrals have been the best part, when someone says, my friend said call you, that makes my day. I am thankful for the great people and business owners that have trusted me to protect and solve their pest problems in Bibb County and Beyond.”