Tucked away into the bustling schedule of the BMC Wellness Center lies a gem of a class that’s not just about fitness; it’s about fostering bonds, sharing smiles, and breaking a sweat while you’re at it! I’m talking about none other than the Senior Women’s Class, where age is just a number and laughter is the secret ingredient to staying young at heart. 

Leading this vibrant group are Beth Downs and Karen Murphy, tag-teaming guiding these women towards better health. Beth takes the reins on Mondays and Fridays, while Karen leads the charge every Wednesday. Each class begins at 9am. With encouraging and welcoming attitudes, these instructors seek each week to leave the members of their class feeling more capable and empowered than they were before.  

The Senior Women’s class includes 30-40 regulars, all showing up week after week to kick aging stereotypes to the curb. And if you need proof of their dedication, just peek into the class on any given scheduled time, like February 9, 2024, when a whopping 35 ladies showed up ready to tackle those fitness goals. 

Now, let’s address the age range – we’re talking a spectrum spanning from 40 to 87. Yes, you read that right – 87! These ladies aren’t letting a number define their abilities or limit their potential. In fact, they’re here to prove that age is just a seasoning that adds flavor to life’s adventures.  

Alongside the usual suspects like balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular health, these ladies are mastering the art of getting up techniques as well. Why? Because safety always comes first, and they’re not taking any chances when it comes to staying on their feet. 

Imagine a gathering where you can flex your mental muscles alongside your physical ones. The Who’s Who Award happens weekly, a delightful game of guess-who where tidbits about careers, personal lives, and more are shared and the others try to guess who it is. The recipient walks away with a journal and a candy bar – because who said fitness can’t have a sweet reward every once in a while, too? 

But it’s not all games and gains; there’s a deeper sense of connection amongst these women. From prayer requests to moments of shared support, this isn’t just a fitness class – it’s a sanctuary of solidarity. Just ask Tammy Steele, who shared that she finds solace in the Christian support system woven into every session. 

Let’s not forget Peggy Hubbard, a loyal attendee since very near the class’s beginning. For her, it’s more than just a workout; it’s a highlight of her week that adds joy and vitality into her routine. 

Linda White observed that most get togethers to spend time with friends and fellowship involved food – now they have a dedicated time that they can spend quality, fun time together with a focus on their health and well-being instead. “We are blessed to have this facility here,” she spoke of the BMC Wellness Center. Many of the ladies, as well as the instructor Beth Downs, wanted to thank Joseph Marchant once again for his efforts to provide us all with a gathering place in our community that can benefit everyone in so many ways. 

What makes this class special is not just the exercises; it’s the collective spirit of resilience, laughter, and unwavering support. If you’re interested in joining, stop by the BMC Wellness Center or give them a call at 205-926-3360. They would love to see you there!