Making the school honor roll is not necessarily easy. Students have to work hard and give their best effort. They have to pay attention in class and ask questions when they don’t understand. They have to study and practice new learning at home as well.   

Woodstock Elementary School would like to congratulate the following students for making the All A Honor Roll for the Second Quarter of the 2023-2024 school year:Jax Brasher ,Tucker Brasher, Sophie Bullock, Thea Burns, Audrey Carroll, McCoy Clements, Dax Cox, Sophia Currier, Brooks Essman, River Foster, Sam Gilham, Elizabeth Ginther, Gabriel Greene, Silas Harmon, Emma Hearle, Trey Hubbard, Isaac Laguerre, Kristel Lopez Esteban, AJ Nelson, Dani Nix, Jesse Payne, Bennett Perdue, Will Phipps, Ava Rice, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Bennett Rogers, Wyatt Roose, Waylon Scurlock, Danielle Smith, Re’Shiya White  

Woodstock also wanted to congratulate the following students for making the All As and Bs Honor Roll for the Second Quarter of the 2023-2024 school year: Leo Aleman, Elizabeth Alford, Baylee Banks, Colton Bates, Easton Boltz, Kelby Boothe, Sophia Bovell, Emma Bowers, Scarlett Buestan, Zoie Bullock, Owen Bunn, Ryleigh Bunn, Aubree Caffee, Clara Carroll, Lucas Corbell, Cam Cowart, Brooklyn Crowson, Carter Currier, Dawson Downing, Cason Dean, Lanely Dudley, Paul Weston Edwards, Kenzlee Ennis, Emmie Fields, Emma Jolene Goodson, Logan Granger, Bentlee Green, Amos Harmon, Gustavo Hernandez Cruz, Kendall Hosmer, Presley Hurton, Bailey Junkins, Sarah Kate Gilham, Raelyn Lambert, Eli Lewis, Acxel Lopez, Audrey Lucas, Daniella Estrada Marroquin, Selah Merwin, Logan Meyer, Allie Nelson, Braxton Nelson, Bubba Nelson, Grayson Parker, Emma Phipps, Gene Robinson, Bradley Roose, Jhan Ruiz Torres, Joshua Shelton, Sloan Skrobak, Delilah Sparks, Nova Stacy, Issie Tan, Lilly Terrell, Dalton Terry, Kason Trammell, Ada Joy Watts, Kennedy Wilson 

School attendance is important for a child for many reasons. When they are at school, they are more likely to learn than if they stayed home. They also learn social interactions skills as well as the character trait of being responsible and having a good work ethic.  

Woodstock Elementary would like to recognize the following students for being at school everyday during the Second quarter of the 2023-2024 school year without any tardies or check outs (Perfect Attendance):Audrey Carroll, Lucas Cash, Kenzie Cook, Lucas Corbell, Camden Cowart, Cason Dean, Paisley Dean, Emmie Fields, Justin George, Raelyn Lambert, Grayson Parker, Jhan Ruiz Torres, Kenley Smith, Juana Tipaz 

Woodstock Elementary School would also like to recognize students who were at school every day of the Second quarter and had only 3 or less tardies or check-outs (Outstanding Attendance):Baylee Banks, Paislee Bullock, Brantlee Burns, McCoy Clements, River Foster, Sam Gilham ,Emitt Granger, Jay Hornbuckle, Trey Hubbard, Michelle Johnson, Ava Kelly, Audrey Lucas, Adrean Maxey, Antonio Maxey, Luke Myers, Jonah Palmer, Emma Phipps, David Scott, Riley Smith, Delilah Sparks, Noah Wyatt