In our society today, the importance of a gathering space cannot be understated for the youth in our community and adults alike. Seeing a need in Bibb County, the Deerman family has been working together to address this need for generations, and their legacy carries on with The BLOCton Sports Grill.

A strong sense of community and family welcomes you as soon as you walk through the door. Owned and operated by Tonya and Jerry Deerman, Jr., The BLOCton Sports Grill offers both dine-in and carry-out experiences with a sports atmosphere, West Blocton High School sports memorabilia lining the walls, and big screens to watch your favorite games on. They have been open since October 2023 and have been blown away by the amount of support they have received from the community ever since.  

Think with me here for a moment – we all know Central Perk from Friends, Cheers from… well, Cheers, The Max from Saved by the Bell, Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls, and even Floyd’s Barbershop from The Andy Griffith Show. We have all grown up watching on television just how important these gathering spaces are, yet few of us have been able to truly have one for ourselves, our friends, and our family. That is no longer the case now that The BLOC is around. 

Creating a safe, fun place for their kids to hang out with their friends, classmates, and teammates was a driving force behind the establishment of The BLOCton Sports Grill, and it was a dream they have carried with them ever since their kids were very young. They wanted to create a place for the community similar to what they had growing up with Jerry’s parents, Jerry Claude and Jo Deerman, when they owned The Pit Stop in the eighties and nineties.  

“Way back when,” the youth of Bibb County had The Pit Stop on Main Street in West Blocton where they could hang out. Many still reminisce about all the fun they had there, playing pool, cards, and just goofing around. At The Pit Stop, many felt safe, supported, and watched over – and that’s what The BLOCton Sports Grill hopes to replicate for today’s generation.  

The menu offers a variety of appetizers, salads, subs, pizzas, calzones, sides, and specialty items. Under “Appetizers,” you can choose from Cheese Fries, Cheesestix, Fried Pickles, and Onion Rings. The “Salads” section includes options like the House Salad with lettuce, tomato, onions, olives, and cheese, the Chef Salad with ham, lettuce, tomato, onions, olives, and cheese, and the Grilled Chicken Salad featuring chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onions. Moving on to “Subs,” there’s the Chicken Bacon Ranch, Chicken Parmesan, Ham & Cheese, and Italian, each with specific ingredients and prices. 

The “Pizzas” section lists various options such as Cheese Pizza, One Topping, Two Toppings, Supreme, and Meat Lovers, with the possibility of adding all of your favorite extra toppings for a small additional cost. The “Calzones” category offers choices like Pizza Calzone, Meaty Calzone, Ham & Cheese Calzone, and Veggie Calzone, each with different fillings and prices. Sides include French Fries, Curly Fries, and Onion Rings. 

For those craving chicken, there are Traditional Wings, Boneless Wings, and Chicken Fingers available in quantities of 5, 10, or 20, with flavor options like Buffalo Mild, Buffalo Hot, Honey BBQ, and Garlic Parmesan.  

Serving Pepsi products, they offer small and large sizes of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Starry, and Sweet Tea. Overall, the menu provides a diverse selection of dishes, allowing customers to customize their orders based on preferences and cravings – a crowd pleaser for the whole family. 

The BLOC has hosted class reunion gatherings, team celebrations, family Friday night dinners, and more. If you or someone you know has a need for a place to come together and celebrate and spend time with loved ones, you know where to go!  

Closed Monday through Wednesday, they are open Thursdays from 11am to 9pm, Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 10pm, and Sundays from 1pm to 9pm. However, come football season, don’t be alarmed if they close for a few hours to go out and support the Tigers!  

The BLOCton Sports Grill is located at 108 Florida Street in West Blocton, just off Main Street. For any questions or call-in orders, you can give them a call at 205-286-4111. Look for Crystal Phipps’ phenomenal artwork on the windows out front featuring a WB Tiger, and you know you’re in the right place. 

“Community is family,” shared Tonya Deerman when asked about what community means to them as a business, and her staff readily agreed. A community cares for and serves one another, holding space for each other throughout the throes of life – and beyond a doubt, one of the best places Bibb County has to offer for its community members to gather is The BLOCton Sports Grill.  

Supporting our local businesses is more important now more than ever, and the community is strongly encouraged to stop by and give it a try. Whether you are local looking for an easy weeknight dinner or one who must drive a bit farther for a weekend treat, you and your family will love The BLOCton Sports Grill.