Filing for Success for Your Business

When setting up a business, there are local, state and federal requirements for setting up a small business, join us in learning all of these requirements


photo of tax documentThis 4-part webinar series offers an extensive overview of the local, county, state and federal requirements for setting up a small business in Alabama. Participants will learn how to form LLCs, obtain tax numbers and prepare for other legal responsibilities.

“Filing for Success” Series starting tonight 5:30-7:00pm. The following classes will be June 20th and 22nd at the same time. There is still time to register at the link below.

In this series we discuss the following:

Filing for Success, Session 1: We jump right in by examining the different levels (City, County Federal) of taxes in which businesses are responsible. We discuss the different types of “Business Formation” and whether you need to file for a LLC. As well as how to keep detailed financial records, especially around your costs & revenue.

Filing for Success, Session 2: We will discuss “The rules for name registration”. We will walk you through the Secretary of State website and how to complete a name registration for your business. Here we will look at the difference between a LLC and a Sole Proprietorship. Finally, we will discuss the necessary next steps after filing and SCAMS to look for along the way.

Filing for Success, Session 3: This session will focus on business banking & Insurance. We will discuss the importance of keeping personal and business finances separate, building a relationship with a lender & banker. We will review proper record keeping techniques and software. Finally, business insurance: What are the different types? Does your business need insurance? How much does it need to cover liabilities?

Filing for Success, Session 4: Here we talk about licenses and permits, at all levels, that are going to necessary for your business. We also have a chance to discuss your business in more detail. Helping you get a clear vision of your next steps and answer all your questions.

PARTNERS: If you have anyone in your network that could benefit form this series, please have them register today.