David Daniel, President and Publisher, Bibb Community Media, Inc.


Historic Newspapers Welcome New Management  

October 1, 2021 

Bibb Community Media, Inc. announced today the acquisition of the Centreville Press and Marion Times-Standard newspaper publications. These two historic newspapers, two of the oldest in the State,  return to local ownership based in the geographic areas they cover and serve. 

Bibb Community Media, Inc. is an internet publishing company based in Centreville, Alabama that specializes in digital media, communication, and advertising. Incorporated in 2016, Bibb Community Media produces The Bibb Voice, a digital community news platform, offering relevant news about Bibb County and covering stories related to the Greater Birmingham Metro Area at large. 

In commenting on this acquisition, company president David Daniel provided the following statement: 

“The Centreville Press and Marion Times Standard are publishing bedrocks of the Bibb and Perry County region. The current newspaper staff here worked hard to keep these important and historical print media publications in circulation when so many newspapers have closed their doors in the face of digital competition from the internet and social media. It’s my hope that with our new combined resources, we can help these publications reach new and larger audiences and continue serving this area for generations to come. I’m honored to lead this new effort, and I am excited to see what the future holds!” 

Daniel said the newspapers will continue to offer familiar weekly printed editions. Subscription prices will not be affected. There will be a continued focus on positive community news and events and more reporting on economic progress in all of the areas and municipalities served by the publications.  

In the near future plans include offering companion digital publications. Future subscriber packages may offer access in a variety of formats including print, digital, or all access, along with other subscriber benefits that will be announced soon.  


For more information contact:

David Daniel, President
Bibb Community Media, Inc
205.928.5046 x 705