Governor Ivey has unveiled her new prison proposal to the state legislature and her new plan does not include the formerly proposed private Brierfield prison project in Bibb County.

The plan calls for a bond issue of up to $785 million to build the prisons on state-owned property, as well using other funds, possibly federal COVID-19 relief funds, to help pay for the projects. New prisons in Elmore and Escambia counties would hold 4,000 inmates each, more than twice the size of any of Alabama’s 14 prisons. The Elmore County prison would specialize in medical and mental health care, addiction treatment, and educational and vocational programs.

A second phase includes a new women’s prison in Elmore County to replace Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women, as well as renovations to Donaldson prison in Jefferson County, Limestone prison in Limestone County and one other prison in either Barbour or Bullock counties.

The draft bill calls for construction, renovations, and closing of prisons.

Phase 1 also includes closing four prisons within one year after the two new ones are finished:
  • Elmore and Staton prisons in Elmore County.
  • Kilby prison in Montgomery County.
  • Hamilton prison for the Aged and Infirmed in Marion County.