Minneapolis, MN – Pastor John Halvorsen, of Prayer Walk America, will be walking through Centreville on Friday, April 30, as part of his 3,600-mile prayer walk from Miami Beach to Seattle, Washington.


Pastor Halvorson passed through Troy in Pike County a few days ago

Pastor Halvorsen’s goal is not to raise money for a cause, but to raise prayer for America.


“God loves the people of America,” says Halvorsen. “I am walking and praying because God wants his goodness seen in our neighborhoods, our communities and throughout our nation.”


John is no stranger to prayerwalking. Prayer Walk America began in 1998 when John walked 1,745 miles from the Canadian border in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana. That led to a 3,300-mile prayer walk that went from the Pacific Ocean in Oregon to the Atlantic Ocean in Delaware.


In 2018-2019, Halvorsen prayerwalked America a third time. This time he walked from Los Angeles to New York City, following two of the most historic routes in America. The first leg followed Route 66 to Chicago, where he then walked along the Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental highway across the nation.


In addition to his ministry in the United States, John has prayerwalked across Eurasia from Portugal to China, and has carried the Appeal to Heaven flag to both the North and South Poles. He has literally brought the gospel to the ends of the earth.


Prayer Walk America, however, isn’t just about one man walking. Halvorsen always encourages people along the route to join him as he walks through, and prays for their community.


“Wherever we have walked, people of all ages have come out to pray and walk with us,” Halvorsen says. “We even have people who follow us online and pray for all the communities we are walking through.”


John has been joined by his wife Sandy on all of his walks. She takes charge of driving their RV while he’s on the road, and walks with him whenever she can. “I love talking and praying with the people we encounter,” says Sandy. “It might be a waitress at a diner, a construction worker on the side of the road or a young person in a store. It doesn’t matter who it is, I’m always ready to give them my time and my prayers.”


Halvorsen walks 16 miles per day, Monday through Saturday each week. He expects to reach Seattle in early December. People can learn more and follow the walk online at www.prayerwalkamerica.com.