Several Bibb County voters went to their usual polling place on August 4th to vote in the House District 49 race. This is the special election that was designed to replace April Weaver who left after 9 years to work in the Trump administration.

House District 49 represents voters in Bibb, Shelby and Chilton Counties. Unknown to several voters, the district lines were changed in 2017. Some voters arrived at the polls to find they could not vote in this election because they were no longer in the district. A few married couples arrived at the polls to find that one spouse could vote but the other was zoned to vote somewhere else.

Errors happen in the voter registration system and it is always frustrating to try to resolve these errors at the polling place. Sometimes it is impossible and your trip to the polls is wasted and you don’t get your vote counted that day. Fortunately, Alabama and the Secretary of State, has a system you can take advantage of to avoid voting day surprises.

Visit this website: Alabama Votes/polling place

At the Secretary of State website there is a lot of Voter information. On the polling place icon you can look yourself up, by your own ID information or by address. The search will return a page of information that shows you the districts you vote in. I looked myself up and an example of the information you can find is shown below. Note that Municipal district information is not included on this site. You have contact your city hall to determine what municipal district you are in.

Take the time to look yourself up before you go to the polls. Know before you go that you are correctly registered. And thanks to our Secretary of State, John Merrill, for putting this kind of information on the State website.

Happy Voting.