has published a story today regarding Cahaba River pollution attributed to the construction of the new Mercedes Benz battery plant in North Bibb County. You can find the entire story here at this link.


Meanwhile, new sewage spill warnings have been posted by Cahaba Riverkeeper and announcements from the Environmental Department of the Jefferson County Sewer Managers. Looks like a new load of sewage is headed downstream.

The Cahaba River Society also has a Facebook page with an announcement concerning the current spill.

No public announcement or press news has been posted at this time in public media.

Hats off to Cahaba Riverkeeper and Cahaba River Society for the heads up.


  1. Everyone who lives in Shelby , Jefferson, St Clair are part of the major pollution of the Cahaba Runoff from the construction in those counties is absolutely the largest pollution cause of the Cahaba. These counties have way too many people living and working there.

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