Christmas Bonuses

After some discussion to agree that “one-time pay raise” was the preferred term by auditors, the Council also agreed to give the same Christmas bump to city employees as they did last year, or $100 to each. “It’s just sort of a thank you,” Councilman Matthew Thomas said. Councilman Don Mack did not vote.

Police Power Savings

Chief Rodney Smith reports that department power bills have dropped significantly in recent months. This is not only due to the weather change, but also the new more efficient lights that were installed at the police station and the ability to turn lights off without killing their computers. The department is saving several hundreds of dollars per month, which would amount to up to 75% lower power bills, according to Chief Smith.

“I said when we were looking at doing this that it would pay for itself in a year. It looks like it’s going to,” Chief Smith commented.

Tornado Damage

Monday night’s storm produced very little damage within the city limits, according to Street and Water Superintendent Larry Oikle. Oikle said mostly there was mild debris and limbs down. The only known serious damage in Bibb was to the Mahan Dentistry Office in Brierfield.

A Street By Any Other Name

Councilman Mack asked if any progress had been made concerning the city’s ownership of his street. According to Mayor Morton, City Attorney Mitch Kemmer found information that proved that the street in question was indeed already a city street belonging to the city of Centreville.

“I knew it was,” Councilman Mack said after the meeting, “I just wanted them to acknowledge it. It’s not about getting it paved right now.”

Next Year

The next City Council meeting will be January 7, 2020.


SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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  1. […] To summarize the result of the discussion: Mack’s property was in fact annexed, and the road as shown on the associated plat map was taken with it “as-is,” to use layman’s terms. In other words, the city was obligated to maintain the road (which is not paved), but not to improve it. The Council accepted this officially at the meeting of December 17, 2019. […]