The Marbury Bulldogs hosted Bibb’s Choctaws Thursday night, in a shift from the normal Friday night schedule. Just north of Prattville, and barely off the interstate on Highway 31, Marbury’s facilities were top notch. Clean, new feeling, and initially welcoming. That welcome feeling shifted as the game went on, however.

With the usual suspects leading the charge for the Choctaws, Bibb put 7 on the board in the first quarter, followed by 14 more in the second quarter. The Bulldogs pushed a hard drive close to the goal line before taking a field-goal to get on the board with 3. Then they tried an on-sides kick, and pulled it off, taking possession near midfield with just 32 seconds left in the half and causing much cheering from the home stands. Ten clock seconds later, a turnover gave the Choctaws the ball and caused … booing?

Bibb shortly gave the ball back in similar fashion. Marbury set up with 1.1 seconds left in the half. Then the refs rolled the clock prior to the snap, creating no play for the Bulldogs and resulting in more booing, at the refs. Still, we went to halftime.

The Purple Pride band presented their show to the home stands as is normal at away games. Reportedly – noticed by Bibb fans as well as Bibb band members – there was booing of the band.

Back for the second half, the two teams swapped punches and both put 7 on the board in the 3rd quarter. In the 4th, Bibb put up another 7 while Marbury managed a touchdown for 6.

The final play of the game, taking a knee to run out the clock.

During the second half, heckling and jeering of the Bibb players could be heard from across the field. Perhaps they were revved up to booing because of poor calls by the refs in the first half, but at what point is this acceptable behavior at a high school game … jeering players?

The final score of 35-16 was a hard fought and well earned victory for the Choctaws, with Quarterback Cole McCarty taking a knee to close it out. On to next week and ACA! Then to the playoffs!



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SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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