Homecoming means something. It’s more than a parade; more than a football game; more than kids dressing by a theme every day for a week. It’s even more than a Homecoming Queen and a late-night dance. It is tradition, nostalgia, and sentimentality. For many, it’s also a re-connection to their roots – coming home again…homecoming.

Class reunions typically happen every 10 years after graduation until at some point around the 40th there are so many classmates being lost every year they step up reunions to every five years, or two, and eventually to every year in some cases. For those at their first reunion, still in their 20’s, the releasing of the balloons in memory of those who have died can be shocking. The next time, you’re almost 40 and it’s not as shocking, but very sad at the early passing of friends. Each reunion there are more balloons to release than the time before.

Photo credit Lukas Britt.

We remember our friends who have passed, and we remember those good times we had with them as kids, doing the very same things the kids were doing that week: cheering at a bonfire, playing in the band, getting ready for the game, twirling fire batons, or whatever it may be that was “you” in school. We look at the youngsters and tell them to cherish this time. There will not be another like it. They will not have friends like these again. They will not have this night again.

So, as we have celebrated the Bibb County Choctaws Homecoming for 2019, as a 25 year alumnus I feel qualified to say it all brought back good memories. I’m looking forward to the next reunion, and hoping to keep my name off of a balloon.

The Thursday night Bonfire community pep rally:

Homecoming Parade 2019:

Some of the photos used in this article are courtesy of Lukas Britt.

Bonfire livestream video 1 – I apologize for the sudden orientation shift. I still do not know what happened to my phone. I cut and restarted the next video when I realized it couldn’t be fixed.

Livestream 2 of the Bonfire.

Livestream of parade.

Looking forward to next year!


SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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