Representative April Weaver was recently honored by the Alabama State Nurses Association (ASNA) with its Health Policy Award for her efforts in passing new laws that improved quality healthcare and enhanced the nursing profession. She was presented the award by American Nurses Association (ANA) President Dr. Ernest Grant and ASNA President Dr. Sarah Wilkinson-Buchmann at the ASNA Annual Convention.
Weaver served as the House sponsor of the Alabama Board of Nursing’s Compact State Bill, a new law that makes it easier for nurses to work in multiple states by streamlining licensing laws and forming reciprocal agreements with nursing boards across the country.
“The United States continues to suffer a nursing shortage that is expected to worsen as Baby Boomers continue to age and increasingly need medical attention,” Weaver said. “In order to address the shortage, many nurses work in multiple states and travel where the need is greatest at any given time, but differences in licensing laws from region to region have often offered road blocks.”
“By streamlining licensure requirements and reciprocating with other states, we have made it easier for Alabama nurses to work elsewhere when necessary and for out-of-state nurses to work here when needed,” she continued. “As someone who spent my career in the healthcare industry, I am honored to receive an award from men and women who devote themselves to selflessly caring for others when they are most vulnerable and in need of aid.”
This year, Weaver also served as House sponsor of legislation that makes it easier for nurses seeking advanced-practice degrees to receive loans in return for working in medically underserved areas of the state and a nurse violence resolution, both of which were signed by Governor Kay Ivey in May.

SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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