A short meeting by the Bibb County Commission on Monday night was not without some tension in its 8 minutes. Bibb County’s Dixie Youth little league team is planning to attend a tournament held in New Orleans. In their effort to get there, a request was made of the Commission for a donation of $250.

While the auditor approved the donation, Commissioner Keefe Burt had remarks concerning this type of donation. While he supports the team’s efforts, he does not feel it is appropriate to use tax dollars for this type of request. Commissioners Burt and Kelly voted “no” in a 3-2 split decision to approve the donation.

Public Building Authority Appointments

As discussed during the previous Commission meeting, new appointments must be made to the county’s Public Building Authority so that plans may be properly approved to construct the new courthouse annex building. The Authority will be comprised of:

  • Joseph Marchant
  • Kenneth Weems
  • Charles Allen

Emergency Services

Per usual, the Commission approved to pay the bill for EMS services for the month of May, which totaled $9,985.66 for 313 total calls with 68 transports, 40 dialysis, 0 out of county, 4 rolled, and 10 no truck.

SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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