Last Tuesday, County Commissioner Rodney Stabler and County Administrator Derek Reeves along with Draper McMillan from McGiffert & Associates joined representatives from Mercedes and the Birmingham Business Alliance at ALDOT’s (Alabama Department of Transportation) Industrial Access Board meeting in Montgomery. The group requested funds to upgrade Bibbville Road from Highway 11 to the Mercedes plant entrance.

The Bibb County Commission released this statement to explain more details:

“When operations start, employees and visitors for the new Mercedes Parts Distribution Center and Battery Plant will use Bibbville Road for access. This will cause daily traffic on the short section of Bibbville Road near Highway 11 to more than double and cause issues if left as is. Because of this, the Bibb County Commission made a commitment to Mercedes to make improvements to Bibbville Road. With the $692,000 committed by ALDOT’s Industrial Access Road and Bridge Corporation on Tuesday, complete rebuilding of this section of road will be possible which will include widening and turn lanes. Intersection improvements, including turn lanes, will also be constructed along Highway 11. There are ongoing discussions whether these particular improvements will be built as part of this project or as part of the ALDOT Highway 11 project currently in the design phase.”


SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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