PICTURED ABOVE: (Left to right) Wade Fondren, Joshua Kimberly, Marco Rembert, Raymond Rowell, Jason Kornegay, Jonathon Mathis, Darrin Hinton(crew foreman), and Demarco Sheridan

These guys may not look like the type to host a social coffee event. Most days you will see them out on an Alabama Power Company truck, hanging from a bucket or a power pole, in all kinds of weather or conditions, keeping your power on. But today they were hosts and tour guides and they did an excellent job.

These seven guys (pictured above) and 1 supervisor cover all of Bibb County, 12,000 customers and are on call 24 hours a day, including being subject to out-of-state service for other power companies when needed.

There are also administrative and supervisory personnel at the Centreville shop that were on hand to host the Bibb County Chamber of Commerce today and explain the inner workings of managing power delivery for Bibb County citizens and keeping power on and preventing power outages, where possible. A complicated operation.

The tour of the facilities and the explanations were appreciated by about 30 visitors this morning and there was time to take a few pictures with the line crew. Thanks to you guys, linemen and supervisors,  for keeping that power on.

SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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