Potential Litigation Over Garbage

Having been a perpetual issue for several months, the garbage transfer station came up again during this week’s meeting. County Attorney Anthony Johnson asked for a private Executive Session to discuss with Commissioners and County Administrator Derek Reeves the possible litigation regarding breach of contract.

“They’ve been in breach of contract since right after their first month,” Keefe Burt noted. The breach, according to Commissioners, relates to not only the lack of payments to the County, but also in regards to health and safety standards described in the contract. The decision after Executive Session was to offer one final chance for the company to make it right, with no leniency regarding date of payment. If another payment is even one day late, a notice will be sent to cancel the contract.

Littering Fines

Illegal dumping and criminal littering are about to get hit with a crackdown around the county. With workers collecting thousands of pounds of litter recently, roadside trash has become a major problem – such as the “two TV’s by the road” that Commissioner Stabler saw in his district. The Sheriff’s Department Compliance Office and the Game and Fish Department have been working together to address the issue. With several arrests made in recent months on charges of illegal dumping and criminal littering, departments are looking for ways to prevent the problem before having to arrest offenders.

A first attempt at prevention will be new posting of signs warning of $500 fines for littering or dumping along several roads. Officers will closely monitor the areas where new signs are placed, and offenders caught will be assessed the full $500 fine.

Other Business and Updates

The Commission approved $9,600 for use in repairs and restoration of the dome at the top of the Courthouse clock tower. The top of the tower has been leaking and causing areas below to suffer water damage.

The County Employee Safety and Wellness Program that was announced during last meeting passed this week with a unanimous vote. As previously stated, the new program will not only promote good health among county workers, but will also save the county money on insurance costs.

County Emergency Medical and Ambulance services were approved to be paid, per usual. The bill for March came to $10,037.19.

Problem items having been addressed, the County Jail passed its recent inspection.

County Engineer Jeff McKinney reports that the new Mack low-boy truck recently purchased is now in service and the road department is very happy with the purchase. They look forward to years of solid and safe service.

Due to Memorial Day falling on the date of the next normally scheduled County Commission meeting, that meeting has been canceled, with the next meeting now being the second Monday of June.


SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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