MollerTech USA, LLC hosted the Bibb County Chamber of Commerce monthly coffee group on Thursday, January 3 to kick off the 2019 New Year. A group of about 30 or more interested business, political and civic leaders were on hand to hear Tiffany Overton, Human Resources Manager and Tammy Lauderdale, Human Resources Administrator, talk about the rapid growth of MollerTech and lead three groups on tours of plant facilities.

According to Tiffany Overton, the company manufactures trim parts for automobiles. At this plant their primary customer is the nearby Mercedes plant which is taking all of their three shift production capacity. MollerTech, a German company has plants in two other states and does produce parts for other auto makers.

The Bibb County plant started production in October 2018. Beginning with 20 employees they are already staffed at 165 and have 90 jobs to fill. Presently they are making 72 different trim parts for the Mercedes vehicles and have plans to double the size of their plant and production capacity. Uncrated machinery is already on the floor ready to be installed and set up to add to their capacity now.

New Machinery Arrives At MollerTech USA Awaiting Installation

The MollerTech facility is clean with wide, well-marked walkways. Safety is emphasized for workers and visitors. The German company has plants in 2 other States.

Tammy Lauderdale pointed out that the production area and the office area are separated by glass so workers are always in view of management and there is frequent contact between office personnel and production personnel. She says that she knows every plant worker on a first name basis and every plant management level worker maintains contact with the production staff. MollerTech is a good place to work.


MollerTech Worker removing a finished part from the die press.



Tammy Lauderdale explaining the manufacturing process to Charles Allen and Valerie Cook of the Bibb County Chamber of Commerce.




  1. Hello. I would like to know more about MollerTech’s safety training program. Is the company providing its Bibb County employees with all proper and necessary safety training? Thanks.

    • We received the following reply to your question from Tiffany Overton at MollerTech:


      We do extensive training during our pre-employment training sessions that includes PPE, Bloodborne pathogens, crane safety, forklift safety, etc. We also do training specific to machines and positions. For example, we have forklift certification done by a third party, as well as aerial lift and crane certification. All of our key employees for the launch, which consists of about 25 people have at least OSHA 10 hour certification, and I have OSHA 30 hour certification as well as another individual at the plant. We also have a team of first responders that are available 24/7.

      Thanks for your question Caleb

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