On December 11, 2018 the West Blocton Water system experienced low pressure in a service area while making connection to another water system to improve service for West Blocton customers. Acting on the advice of ADEM and to prevent any possibility of contamination a limited number of system customers were HAND DELIVERED boil water warnings. The warnings were precautionary; there are no tests that have been conducted and no physical evidence of any water system contamination. ADEM requires precautionary warnings for low pressure areas when a public water system has been opened for new connections or repairs.

A copy of the warning letter has been posted to social media and word has spread in the community causing alarm that the entire system may be contaminated and that every user is under a boil alert. This is not true and there is no system wide alert according to a spokesperson for the West Blocton water system contacted by The Bibb Voice at 9:30 a.m. this morning, December 12.

The boil water warning only applies to system users that received a HAND DELIVERED letter and the written warning was a precautionary warning. Again, there has been no contamination found in the system by testing. If you have experienced low pressure in your home or business in the last few days and received a hand delivered warning letter you should follow the written instructions in the letter or contact the water department at City Hall for more information.