You may pre-register here at the lake. The forms are ready!
There is no cost but we need an idea of how many participants we may have. Catfish are going to be stocked in a netted off area just for the Derby!


Click For:  2018-Registration Form



For Youth Ages 3 to 15

Saturday, September 29, 2018


Register at 7:30AM

    1. Participates may pre-register Wednesday-Sunday from 9AM-6PM              beginning Wednesday September 5th at the Bibb County Lake.               The last day to pre-register will be Friday September 28th.

     2. The first 50 to register will start fishing at 8AM.                          The second 50 to register will start fishing at 9AM.

        Each participate checking in on the 29th will be stamped                      according to their registration form and assigned a start                    time.

     3. Poles and bait will be furnished.                                            You may bring your own pole.

     4. There is a LIMIT of 6 catfish per registered participant.                    Parents May Help To Cast But Children Must Reel In The                  Fish On Their Own                                                        There will be a weigh station to determine the winner of the                largest fish in each age group.                                              You will need to bring a cooler to put your fish in. 

     5. If you do not want to keep the fish you caught, there will be                a representative from the Bibb County Food Bank Committee who                will take them.

     6. For those who are not interested in fishing, there will be                    an instructor from Living River giving canoe lessons and                      teaching water safety.

     7. Hot dogs and drinks will be furnished.

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David Daniel, 67, is a resident of Bibb County and lives in Centreville. In 1982 David, with the help of wife Karen, designed and built the first Cable TV system in Bibb County which served all municipalities in the county. In 11/03/2008, David co-authored a book on behalf of the Centreville Historic Preservation Commission called "Bibb County", Images of America, ISBN: 9780738567297. More than 109 families and individuals contributed to this community effort. Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife and grandchildren and he enjoys working with local history enthusiasts.